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We Know What Works And The Right Questions To Ask, And We'd Love To Help You Turn More Web Browsers To Inquiries And Multiply Sales, Maximize Your Competitive Advantage, And Put More Predictability, Measurability And Scalability In The Way You're Going About Generating Profits And Growth In 2023!

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After waiting nearly 2 years to start working with our team after seeing John present at a live event, Michael Battista, owner of Monique’s said, “I’m serious about simplifying online success now – I'm ready to start ‘winning’ with Google and then some!” So, in the first 30 days, Monique’s added 53 Facebook fans, 30+ email subscribers from their Google AdWords campaigns (they received ZERO in the previous 2 years), recorded a $4,700 sale, and got feedback from buyers and past clients like they never thought possible.

"We won two national Showroom of the Year awards, increased revenue 26% Year-over-Year for 2 consecutive years, and have added more sales associates because of the predictable revenue we're generating online."

Michael Battista

Monique’s Bath Showroom

After 12 years of attempting to figure out “the Internet marketing thing”, Karl and the team at New England Shutter Mills has experienced 1.3 times more inquiries (form fill-outs online, direct email replies, and tracked phone calls) per day than with their previous website, has every measurable marketing metric imaginable at their fingertips and ended the fiscal year 2015 with an all-time high in sales, which is quite an awesome springboard into their New Year’s Resolution.

"Two weeks after tweaking my ZIP code targeting and message to cater to a more affluent clientele, we started getting work requests for projects that were worth 5x as much. This increase in business - especially in the higher-end areas - can be directly attributed to the work that the team at has done for us."

Karl Ivester

New England Shutter Mills

"We got 65% more phone calls month-over-month in the first 90 days and our AdWords click-through rate tripled, giving us true measurability of our marketing’s ROI for the first time ever. In just a few months, this team has become our go-to advisor for all things online marketing and business development at large."

Jordan Shapiro

San Diego Office & Modular Design

Francis (co-owner of Cormier Builders) saw John working on a Power-Point presentation in Panera Bread and said, “Hey buddy, do you make websites that look as good as that Power-Point presentation?” From there, the rest is history! Since launching their new website back in mid-2013, Cormier Builders has acquired MORE buyers, MORE referrals, and has sold MORE homes and has acquired MORE projects due to their updated (and much improved) website.

"I saw John working on a Power-Point presentation in Panera Bread a few years back and said, Hey buddy, do you make websites that look as good as that Power-Point presentation? From there, the rest is history! Since launching our new website back in May of 2013, Cormier Builders has acquired MORE buyers, MORE referrals, and has sold MORE homes to do the way we use our website to walk prospects through our custom home building process."

Francis Cormier

President / Co-Owner
Cormier Builders

With a background and corporate compliance, but a burning passion to help people get their homes in order, Diana Walters, founder of We Organize It, has harmoniously blended her scientific side with an ever-expanding artistic side as she begins her second decade in business in the Washington D.C. area.

"With a background in corporate compliance, but a burning passion to help people get their home and working space more efficient and systematized, I engaged this team to work their magic so that I would get more form fill-outs and phone calls, plus have a better idea of what was happening once web visitors reached my website - which these fellows also did for me."

Diana Walters

We Organize It

As a client who understood ‘the fancies’ of online advertising and marketing prior to working with our team, Medea’s initial goal was to build a website that would entice people to buy or sell real estate because her online infrastructure matched her offline acumen. Now, as a monthly marketing client for 2+ years, Medea experienced record growth in 2012, 2013, and 2014 because of the confidence she has in her website’s ability to portray her friendly, firm, reasonable and reliable demeanor.

"As a real estate agent who understands the finer elements of online advertising and marketing, my initial goal was to build a website that would entice people to buy or sell real estate back when I began with this team in 2012. Now, as a monthly marketing client for over years, I'm excited to share that I have experienced record growth with my business in the past 5 years, plus I am able to be my friendly, firm, reasonable and reliable self in ways I could have never imagine before working with this company!"

Medea Palandjian

Medeas Homes

After experiencing less than ‘fruitful’ results using a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy which included search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and Google Adwords, Unique Surety turned to our team to help them to enhance their national outreach so they could find ‘right-angle’ clientele in the construction space, who wanted to save money on their bonds, get rapid response, and work with acclaimed experts in the surety-bonding process – especially with site improvement and site performance bonds.

"After experiencing less than ‘fruitful’ results with several other online marketing agencies, I turned to John and Austin to help our company enhance our national outreach after receiving one of their innovative game-board creations. Although we haven't quite reached my lofty goal of getting 10 qualified leads per day picking up the phone or filling out a form online, I am quite satisfied with how knowledgeable and transparent these guys are when they update me on how things are going or what they'll be doing to improve the results we're getting with our Google AdWords and our email outreach program."

Bob Goldstein

Unique Surety Bonds

Focused on a more but better approach, the Foster Sullivan Group’s website project – albeit simple – provides the perfect amount of education, backed by strategic calls-to-action on every single page.

"I met John at a NARI meeting and now consult him and Austin for almost every online business development decision we make at our insurance agency."

Kelly Pappas

Foster Sullivan Insurance

This Hartford, Connecticut based company came across our marketing efforts after seeing an enticing ad on Google. Robert Edmiston, CEO of CCC was impressed with how the process at EMDL was radically different from any of the five marketing companies that he’s worked with in the past. As an avid believer in paid media marketing (i.e. Google Adwords), Robert consistently sees a 5 to 1 return with his monthly marketing initiatives, and considers our team partners in his business for life.

"With a focused campaign to joint venture real estate partners and an updated conversion-friendly website, I consistently generate at least a 3:1 return on my monthly marketing investment with these guys... I believe in them and their process so much that I've referred lots of folks to them who are serious about earning more and doing less."

Robert Edmiston

Complete Commercial Finance

Despite having a rather robust account, dozens of ad groups, limited conversion tracking, and all kinds of confusion going on because he hired 10ish agencies before us, we were able to task multiple certified AdWords experts at our company to get him the kind of world-class results he was looking for in less than 90 days!

"Earn More Do Less greatly improved my conversions and decreased my ad spend to increase our profits and increase the number of new sales we have received through Google Adwords. I highly recommend them if you are looking for an honest company with great integrity."

David Hernandez

The Snore Reliever Company, LLC

After selling his All State Insurance practice, Scott Johnson decided to align with the team at because we understand marketing strategy, how to get web visitors want to learn more using compelling marketing copy, how to work with videos, blogs, make masterful images, and most importantly, our team knows how to attract and drive ideal clients to our client’s website by the dozens. For two years, Scott, owner of Your Move Simplified has partnered all his marketing initiatives with our team.

"After receiving all kinds of accolades about my website, I am now loving the success I’m having with this company’s Money Making Web Page System™."

Scott Johnson

Your Move Simplified

In our first 12 months of working together, Moody Street Dental launched and later updated their phone-friendly website with video testimonials that have converted like crazy! On average, Moody Street Dental acquires approximately 20 new patients per month coming from the Internet channel. They also use our community outreach platform and relationship-building productivity tool that we brought to market in early 2016.

"Our Google AdWords click-through-rate improved by 10x, we show up more in wealthy ZIP codes, and new patient intake generates a 5:1 return some months."

Mikhail Shulkin

Moody Street Dental

After being referred to us from a client, Craig reached out to with a burning desire to see more measurability, transparency, and profit-propelling results from our suite of online marketing services at his business. In just the first 60 days, they learned where every caller came from through their website, where every visitor clicked their cursor on the site, and how to use an easy-to-understand database tool, which helps them stay on top of each contact that came through the web as a sales opportunity.

Craig Coogan

Lift and Transfer

H2O Supply has never seen best-practice results from an Internet marketing initiative before coming to H2O Supply is now seeing an average of 25 calls from their website each month that is tracked directly back to their advertising initiatives. With an average first-time sale of several thousand dollars, it is not hard to see why H2O Supply now sees a 3-to-5 times return on investment each month.

Jay Katz

H2O Supply

With five locations across several states, Simon's Supply is now seeing more predictability than ever from their online business development initiatives. Even after one month of working with, Simon Supply is seeing nearly one caller per day reaching out from our marketing efforts, and we’re just getting started.

Fred Felder

Simon Supply

In a super competitive marketplace like New York City, Krisp Events has managed to maximize every marketing dollar they have available to keep up with the big boys and girls in the industry. Krisp Events has been using call-tracking, an attractive message that stands them out from the crowd, and insights on every web visitor to the fullest to book as many catered events as their staffing allows for.

Jed Marris

Krisp Events

Twelve percent of people who are searching for this company’s number one search term click to see the landing page associated with their ad - which is off the charts for the 1.5% average in their industry. Also, tracking phone calls, using heat-mapping, implementing an extensive CRM system and consulting services through have worked wonders for Super Customer Shutter’s business development process.

David Daniels

Superior Custom Shutter

As an e-commerce website catering to the expanding online home decor market, Timeless Wrought Iron has carved out a market share percentage, tracked each and every result, made more profit from each sale, and "upped" their customer service and retargeting marketing messages like they never thought was possible.

Ryan, the founder of this website, also has 2 other fully functioning and profitable businesses that are operated through the internet.

Ryan Hanson

Timeless Wrought Iron

This second-generation family consulting business came to after receiving a sequence of email messages. After coming aboard, we helped Chelsea and Alana redesign their website, streamline the way online visitors become leads, and semi-automated their sales and marketing process. We have also tracked every single lead that has come in from the web over the last two years.

Chelsea Goodman


For 12 months, our team engaged with AUTEC to cover various topics related to every important internet marketing metric. However, the key was finding the “small hinges” that swing big money-making doors for a company.

For believing our value-add and enjoying our monthly consulting calls, AUTEC now sees and understands how 20% of their keywords receive 80% of the inquiries, and how 80% of their inquiries are coming from 20% of their website.

After two years of follow up with the Gallagher Corporation, Rich, National Director of Sales decided to ask Austin on our team to film one of his famous Analytics Intelligence videos. After seeing the scope of work overview and fee structure, the Gallagher Corporation determined that the value-add by our team was just the right fit.

At this point in our working relationship, the team at Gallagher Corp now has completely transparent data right at their fingertips. They are also receiving predictable inquiries and repeatable results. What more can you ask for? :)

Rich Gallagher

VP Of Business Development
Gallagher Corporation

Mark, president of Golf Made Simple, first reached out to John in an email reply. Our messaging spoke to him, and he also thought it was pretty cool that our company’s CEO was willing to get a bit edgy via video on our website’s homepage. #BeHighTechANDHighTouch

Golf Made Simple had a hefty advertising budget with Google, however, their campaign setup was inefficient. In the first 30 days, we were able to cut their cost-per-lead (CPL) in half, and their inquiries per day began to skyrocket almost immediately. There is no substitute for a campaign that is created with best practices by those who are experienced in reporting ROI right down to the dollar. Any other attempts are simply a “cover-up” for what matters most.

Mark Solomon

Golf Made Simple

After being taken advantage of by several marketing companies, John, president of BH4U knew that EMDL was different the minute he watched Austin's analytics intelligence video.

Since 2018, our team has rebuilt their website and implemented an outbound marketing program consisting of phone calls, emailing, and tracking results. As a result, BH4U has gotten much more mileage out of their marketing spend with Google ads and has also gained positive ground (and generated revenue) with several other initiatives.

After meeting Tony, former president of, through a local fundraising project, Tony became intrigued by our firm's ability to track the cost-per-lead (CPL) right down to the dollar and how we could help his company.

In January 2020, Merrimack Valley Insurance was acquired by a private equity firm. During the acquisition, Tony commented on the work we did, and how our partnership allowed the buyer to see that MV Insurance was forward-thinking and well equipped for the digital age. If you work for or own a company that will be changing hands soon, we can help “audit” your online marketing efforts and help your company become more valuable and profitable.

Tony Lacacio

Former Principal

After Austin analyzed three different Google AdWords campaigns, Harold and Neil knew right away that our portfolio of services is radically different from anything they've seen before. To date, we revamped various websites, reduced their cost-per-lead (CPL) by 30%, substantially increased the number of inquiries per month, and assisted this independently-owned company to go toe-to-toe with the big players in their industry

Harold Scheavitz


With virtually zero history or experience in how to grow revenue through the internet channel, Dorian and Sharon of BMI came to us severely open-minded. The first thing we did was design a website that used a look, feel and functionality that was proven to convert web browsers to buyers in their industry.

After the website, the next step was to get the highest probability buyers in their market to give a call or to fill-out a contact form. To date, BMI is operating online in best-practice ways across the board and happy they partnered with us. They particularly enjoy how educated they’re becoming about running their business using best practices - which has transpired into world-class results coming their way!

After meeting a Caelynx consultant while on vacation in San Diego, California, John was connected with the marketing coordinator at Caelynx. Without any previous paid advertising history, , Caelynx now receives consistent inquiries, including phone calls, form fill-outs, live-chat submissions, and orders in measurable and systematic ways.

They may have the most complex Google Ad campaign among all of our clients, but whatever it takes to earn more, do less, and convert more online insights into income is what we care about most! Their market intelligence, market research and implementation systems, and results reporting are running at a world-class level… It feels like we’re hitting new milestones every week!

Zack Yates

Director Of Marketing

After running an anemic Google Ad campaign for several years, Raritan requested our services after they received John's website analysis video. In the video, John identified inefficiencies in Raritan’s website tracking results as well as some rookie website design and functionality mistakes. Enter our company!

For several years, we’ve been driving the best candidates looking for commercial cleaning services in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We have also tracked thousands of inquiries that came in from the internet back to where visitors found them. When you do things right, the results mean a much higher return on investment capacity.

Steve Klug

Raritan Building Services

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