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We are a team of strategists, analysts and data-driven designers obsessed about helping you set new performance benchmarks.

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Success is all about making people happy: our employees, our customers and clients, your employees, your customers, your vendors, and more. Just like our parent company's name, EarnMoreDoLess.com, we want to equip a forward-thinking business person with the tools to work smarter, save time, maximize the 80/20 Rule, and enjoy the finer things in life!

John Gosselin

Partner/Sales Optimization Expert

John started his professional career as a football and strength conditioning coach at the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School (BB&N), and has since applied his understanding of human dynamics to solving business problems in systematic ways. He is an expert at compounding sales for clients using the psychology of influence to drive more dollars into the cash register.

He is passionate about working with the leadership teams in our clients’ organizations to help them “win” more business through the internet while most effectively measuring all of the processes needed for getting repeatable results and propelling profits month-over-month in the most streamlined and modern way possible.

John is an active member and key contributor for various committees for the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association (the DPHA), attends the LPG & IMARK buying group meeting annually, has been selected to present at KBIS and the Journal of Light Construction show (the JLC) on the benefits of applying the EarnMoreDoLess.com Method™ to your business, and beyond!

Above all, John is most proud to support his 15 year-old son, Zack, in his charitable initiatives that include donations to the Back Bay Fallen Firefighter Fund, Dress for Success, Catie’s Closet, Aaron's Presents, Operation Stand Down of Rhode Island, The Greater Lowell Boys & Girls Club, and most recently, Zack and a few friends fed over 400 families and raised over $1,500 to help families cope with higher food demands than usual due to COVID-19.

To date, Zack has donated over $25,600 to causes facing 'trying' times and continues to foster continued support from businesses in all sorts of industries to make a bigger impact each year. Zack has his own website, a donor list that grows by the day, thousands of social media connections, and wrote and published his first book in the Summer of 2016 - 13 Ways To Put Service Before Self: A Baker's Dozen Approach For Winning With Others In Life... There's a lot to love about the Gosselin Guys!

Austin Pike

Partner/Marketing Optimization Expert

Austin studied architecture in Miami and has since applied iterative "design thinking" to solving complex business problems. He has helped 75+ clients to date multiply sales and increase profits with breakthrough growth strategies backed by multi-channel marketing initiatives. He has served a myriad of industries, but most enjoys working with design and construction businesses, brands and showrooms, and e-Tailers of all types.

Using highly analytical, data-driven and disciplined approaches, Austin knows how to mine, monetize and maximize hidden insights to shape strategy and increase operational efficiency for businesses. He brings innovative solutions to the table from his cross-cultural perspectives and breadth of technical and creative expertise. He is a proponent of creating paradigm shifts, "strengths finding", anticipatory thinking, always asking “Why?”, learning from failure and leaving a legacy.

Prior to starting Earn More Do Less, he led a digital marketing team for a global software company and worked at the Harvard GSD (Graduate School of Design). He has also given talks nationally, recruited and trained a direct sales organization of 30+ people and co-founded various business ventures. He reads one book a week, backpacked through six countries last summer and is nicknamed the “Air Traffic Controller”.

Austin was named a 2017 30 Under 30 honoree by NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) and powers the economic engine for dozens of clients who perform in an award-winning way each and every day!

Christine Miskinis

Marketing Strategist & Content Choreographer

Christine has invested the last 30+ years of her life mastering the art of creative expression through the arts, music, and performance as a whole. For the past 6 years, she's been equipping on-the-move women and mission-driven companies (via her coaching business, live events and enrichment platform at RockItOutWoman.com) with proven, profitable strategies to create 'raving fan' followings that self-select her clients over the other options in their market, in the most systematic ways.

In her 20's, Christine was selected by the famous pop star Usher and Carmen Electra as the top dancer and performer from a field of 300+ at MTV studios during Total Request Live with Carson Dailey. She was the leading role in plays such as Rent, Little Shop Of Horrors, Butterflies Are Free, and was the esteemed guest who had the honor of singing the National Anthem at Yankee Stadium before a Yankees/Red Sox game.

After building audiences into the tens of thousands for her own ventures on social media and via her email list, as well as through other innovative mediums where your 'ideal' clients are engaging these days, Christine has become the preeminent authority for helping a woman speak her truth and freely express her passions and desires for creating a life and business that surpasses much of what they once believed to be possible.

Through this work, Christine has been featured multiple times on Dr. OZ, Fox5, ABC, NBC, PBS and other Media platforms since an early age.

More recently, she has helped dozens of top sales teams and innovative companies that provide goods and services in the DPH industry and design community at large "Rock Out" their brand, amplify their message, and grow their following in ways the industry has simply never seen before. So, if you're looking to ramp up your reach, response rates, and get dozens of 5-star reviews, chatting with Christine and the team at EarnMoreDoLess.com would be a great idea!

Jose Kalil

International Director Of Sales

Jose uses his cross-cultural work experience in an array of valuable ways each and every day. His last job, before becoming a sales-focused technology consultant in the design community and e-tailer space, was Senior Marketing Manager at Finesse Decor. At Finesse, he developed and executed marketing strategies for B2B and B2C customers that to this day are fueling solid growth for the company.

Prior to Finesse, Jose expanded B2B international channels in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and in his home country of Colombia, on the ground and through the internet for several companies. He loves seeing results-oriented business people, “get educated,” and then pay their success forward - which is why he’s taught Neuromarketing and Experiential Marketing in various ways, through multiple channels for a decade. If Jose was to boil his brilliance down to one core skill-set or competency, it would be that he is a master of being effective as an omnichannel manufacturer or marketer.

At EarnMoreDoLess.com, Jose works as a project manager with our most complex clients, a strategic partnership program developer and manager for many of our key B2B industry relationships, and oversees the division of our company that creates the results reporting deliverables for our clients every month. In short, Jose is a master at knowing exactly how to turn online insights into more in-store visits, more phone calls, more contact and live chat form fill-outs and sales being converted through the online channel.

Jose often communicates how he has come a long way from his days of being an eCommerce Marketing Analyst At Whirlpool Corporation in Colombia. At Whirlpool, Jose developed the marketing and sales strategy, pricing, and performed ongoing business analysis to drive the marketing performance. He also established evaluation and control via reports for e-commerce KitchenAid & Whirlpool for Colombia and Argentina. In 2016, Jose headed up a team that increased sales by 230% vs. 2015.

Zack Gosselin

Chief Charitable Donor

Although small in stature, Zack Gosselin has quickly become one giant do-gooder in the eyes and hearts of tens of thousands of Greater Boston area residents. At the age of 15, Zack has personally raised and donated upwards of $21,500 to several worthy causes facing ‘trying’ times over the last few years with unwavering passion and dedication.

“Zack is a handsome, head-strong, gutsy, gritty leader who thrives when helping others feel better about their circumstances” is what a Social Media commenter once said of him. If you ask Zack about his philanthropic doings, in the most modest of ways, he’ll say something to the effect that he loves being thoughtful, doing differently, and helping people dream bigger 🙂 In 2012 (when he was just six years old), Zack joined the Waltham Rotary Club as they sang Christmas carols for hundreds of patrons dining in local restaurants. In 2013, he raised and donated $350+ to help peers persevere and overcome the adverse conditions surrounding the elementary school shootings in Newtown, CT.

In 2014, Zack donated $400 to a fallen fire-fighter fund that was created after the “Back Bay Blaze” took the lives of Lieutenant Ed Walsh and Michael Kennedy just before the 2014 Boston Marathon in Boston. In 2015, Zack donated $1,300 to Dress for Success of Worcester, MA – a charity that helps under-privileged women get back on their feet in the workplace. In 2016, Zack donated over $2,500 to help Catie's Closet put clothes on thousands of kids in the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts. In 2017, Zack filled the ice at Tsongas Arena at Lowell, MA for his 5th and final Skate-A-Thon event with over 400 young do-gooders and raised over $4,000 to support the like-minded kids who work with Aaron's Presents. In 2018, Zack raised over $5,500 for Operation Stand Down of Rhode Island, an accomplishment which had him selected to throw out the first pitch during the Pawtucket Red Sox game (Zack wants you to know he threw a strike). In 2019, Zack raised over $4,000 to support the music program at the Greater Lowell Boys & Girls Club. Finally, in 2020, Zack and a few friends organized a "Fill The Food Pantry" drive that fed over 425 families in Billerica, MA impacted by the shutdown from COVID-19.

Currently, Zack is planning to bring his newest project to market soon – updating his book 13 Ways To Put Service Before Self: A Baker's Dozen Approach To Winning With Others In Life and making phone calls and sending emails to line-up who he and his team at DreamBigVille.org helps next. Together, the Gosselin Guys, with the help of Zack's loyal donor-base and online community, live to inspire others to become more resourceful, challenge some of life’s misconceptions, and to strive to be better and noble in life based on their standards, not society’s.

To learn more about Zack, you can visit his website or “like” him on Facebook.

Michael Battista

Advisory Board Member

Michael is President of Monique’s Bath Showroom, an independent luxury bath and kitchen fixtures showroom in Watertown, MA. He began his career in his family's construction business in 1981 which was run by his father Richard and uncle Robert. 11 years later, he started his own firm in 1992 and sold it in 2012. Upon the passing of his father, he took over the operations of Monique’s Bath Showroom and has since led the company to record-breaking revenue numbers.

Michael has held many leadership roles in the construction industry, including chairing the Belmont Planning Board since 2011 and sitting on various committees of the ABC (Associated Builders & Contractors). He was also President of the Oakley Country Club from 2011 to 2012. Michael provides valuable insights and guidance to Showroom Marketing and it's parent company, Earn More Do Less. Monique's Bath Showroom has been awarded several Showroom of the Year awards in the design community the past few years, under Michael's direction.

In 2014, The Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association (DPHA) awarded Monique's with their illustrious Showroom of the Year award. In 2015, Monique's was awarded the Innovative Showroom Award by the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). In 2019, Monique's was awarded Best of Boston® Home - a division of Boston Magazine. Most recently, in January of 2021, Monique's was honored as Showroom of the Year by Jeff McDowell, Executive Director of the Luxury Products Group - a division of IMARK corporation. Michael continues to be committed to excellence as seen in the acknowledgment of the above awards and ongoing success!

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