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After 12 years of attempting to figure out “the Internet marketing thing”, Karl and the team at New England Shutter Mills has experienced 1.3 times more inquiries (form fill-outs online, direct email replies, and tracked phone calls) per day than with their previous website, has every measurable marketing metric imaginable at their fingertips and ended the fiscal year 2015 with an all-time high in sales, which is quite an awesome springboard into their New Year’s Resolution.


After waiting nearly 2 years to start working with our team after seeing John present at a live event, Michael Battista, owner of Monique’s said, “I’m serious about simplifying online success now – I ready to start ‘winning’ with Google and then some!” So, in the first 30 days, Monique’s added 53 Facebook fans, 30+ email subscribers from their Google AdWords campaigns (they received ZERO in the previous 2 years), recorded a $4,700 sale, and got feedback from buyers and past clients like they never thought possible.

NH Tile Guy

Prior to having our team build a website, Mike Fechiuch (the NH tile guy) was using Social Media to market his business. And rather than using “A-Team Construction,” we recommended he go with Safe to say, this “little hinge” of a marketing tactic has swung a much bigger money making door over the last two years on all sorts of spaces and places that matter most online.


Francis (co-owner of Cormier Builders) saw John working on a Power-Point presentation in Panera Bread and said, “Hey buddy, do you make websites that look as good as that Power-Point presentation?” From there, the rest is history! Since launching their new website back in mid-2013, Cormier Builders has acquired MORE buyers, MORE referrals, and has sold MORE homes and has acquired MORE projects due to their updated (and much improved) website.


With a passion for providing education-based marketing, backed by a substantial portfolio to validate their company’s worth, Indigo Land has become a top professional services provider in Fairfield County, the sea coast area of Connecticut.


I’ve worked with nearly a dozen “online marketing crooks”, and they all promise the world, seriously under deliver, put you on their monthly debit list and forget about you. After experiences like this, trust me, I had plenty of questions for John. I was wary to say the least about any online marketing company at this point.

But with John, I had quite the opposite experience. Even before spending a dime with him, he gave me more info and spent more time with me than any other company that I invested thousands in. The customer service is always above expectations. I have had conversations with him at 9pm – and all before I invested a dime.

Professional Services:


Focused on a more but better approach, the Foster Sullivan Group’s website project – albeit simple – provides the perfect amount of education, backed by strategic calls-to-action on every single page.


Anna had an email list of 800+. She wanted to run ads from Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, but most importantly, she wanted to increase the social proof element of her site in order to build trust and rapport with ideal onlookers who lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia to hire her for home organizing, garage organizing, work flow enhancement, picture sorting, etc.


With a background and corporate compliance, but a burning passion to help people get their homes in order, Deanna Walters, founder of We Organize It, has harmoniously blended her scientific side with an ever-expanding artistic side as she begins her second decade in business in the Washington D.C. area.


Curb appeal catered to a modern yet desiring a cozy home quarters crowd is what Robin Rick, founder of Front Door Coaching wanted to relay to every future website visitor. Since launching the site, Robin has attracted and cultivated working relationships with many professionals in the design community in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota.


After selling his All State Insurance practice, Scott Johnson decided to align with the team at because we understand marketing strategy, how to get web visiors to wanto learn more using compelling marketing copy, how to work with videos, blogs, make masterful images, and most importantly, our team knows how to attract and drive ideal clients to our client’s website by the dozens. For two years, Scott, owner of Your Move Simplified has partnered all his marketing initiatives with our team.


Although Kymmie Krieger is quite the well-spoken wordsmith, her website was anything but emblematic of how her business makes the written word magically drive dollars into the cash registers and bank accounts of her book of business. After meeting Kymmie at a marketing and sales seminar in Atlanta, Georgia, and working with several of our clients to improve their web copy and marketing collaterals, it was then that she said, “I have to have you guys get my website up to speed” and the rest is history.


Elite Photobooth NE is a photo booth services company that wanted to be prepared for a successful launch which eventually led to more than 100 new clients within one week. A multi-media website with prominent call-to-actions was created with live social media and image gallery feeds to engage visitors.


After being somewhat embarrassed by her previous website, Linda Tardiff wanted a website that converted visitors from Google, allowed her to use video to depict what she does in a more personal manner, and portrayed her as the most professional option out there within the population that she’s proudly been serving for over 10 years. With her new website, Linda loves how she NO LONGER struggles to grow her dog walking/pet sitting business online because of the work our team has done for her.

Real Estate:


As a real estate expert in the Watertown, Massachusetts area, Jamie Venezia could work without a website. However, in this digitally driven era, Jamie recognizes that unless his web presence is robust he will not show up in front of his ideal clients, be able to court and cultivate relationships effectively, and most importantly, “win” the business of clients who become the referral sources for a lifetime. In short, Jamie’s business has blossomed since overhauling his website back in the summer of 2013 and he’s also added in several other ancillary services that we provide for him.


As a client who understood ‘the fancies’ of online advertising and marketing prior to working with our team, Medea’s initial goal was to build a website that would entice people to buy or sell real estate because her online infrastructure matched her offline acumen. Now, as a monthly marketing client for 2+ years, Medea experienced record growth in 2012, 2013, and 2014 because of the confidence she has in her website’s ability to portray her friendly, firm, reasonable and reliable demeanor.


After seeing success from her initial online marketing campaigns for, Medea decided it was time to take her direct marketing efforts to the next level for some of the other locations she gets a lot of business from – enter a team “mini-website.” In the first month, the form on this website was filled out by a prospective buyer and put all of the money invested in this project in Medea’s pocket.

Service-based Businesses:


Son of John Gosselin, CEO of, Zack, has been a mission-driven marketer for the last four years. How Zack does this is by donating money to causes facing ‘trying’ times. Zack uses our outbound marketing efforts to generate donations from various Boston-based business owners and beyond who love his put “service before self” endeavors. To learn more about Zack’s story, visit his website.


After deciding struggling from the ups-and-downs of being “in the dark” about using the internet to grow their business, Lilly’s Bakery came to us from a friend’s referral. Since becoming a monthly client in October of 2012, Lilly’s has averaged one email subscriber per day, consistently converts email subscribers to paying customers from their “e-club coupon”, and gets a whopping 40% open-rate with their monthly email offering to their email list.


Simple, to-the-point, information-rich, and conversion-friendly is what Jeff Collins (owner of J & L auto) wanted in his website. Since launching their site in mid 2012, J & L Auto has received phenomenal feedback about their video, their Spanish-speaking clients love that they see the site in their native tongue, and their business from Yelp and Google continues to soar.


Swish Shabu is a top-rated Japanese sushi bar that wanted to help customers find specials and contact info about their restaurant seamlessly from any device. Customers now enjoy a mobile-friendly website with click-to-call buttons, Google Maps auto directions, and a mouth-watering, full-screen image slider.


Custom Metal Home

Backed by a quality of craftsmanship like no other metal fabrication business in the design and build industry in the greater Chicago area, Custom Metal Homes has ramped up results, trimmed time, and highlighted the most unique aspects of their service offerings like they never was possible for their business through the internet since aligning with


If anybody knows anything about UMass Amherst, the Mercantile is ingrained in the history of the valley forever. Dan and Elizabeth purchased the Mercantile back in 2014, and with a change of management, also came a change to be more in-tune with the click-and-order economy. They are happy with their site, business is booming, and any time they have a question, comment or concern about what is happening in the web-based economy, they come a-calling.


After experiencing a website that had more people shying away from buying their gorgeous metallic-finished golf products, Trophy Golf not only is proud of their website today, they utilize a much more easy-to-understand web system that shares how great their products are whether a prospective buyer is online or offline at a frequently attended trade show, which is a great business-building tool for them.

Medical / Dental:


After seeing the evolution of the Internet pass him by with the three dental practices that Dr. Norman Yung owned in the San Francisco area, he reached out to an old colleague, Austin Pike, Chief Marketing Officer at EMDL to ask for a helping hand to do right in this digitally driven era once and for all.


In our first 12 months of working together, Moody Street Dental launched and later updated their phone-friendly website with video testimonials that have converted like crazy! On average, Moody Street Dental acquires approximately 20 new patients per month coming from the Internet channel. They also use our community outreach platform and relationship-building productivity tool that we brought to market in early 2016.


As a recent Harvard medical school graduate, Dr. Mark Makarian entered the world of being a board-certified plastic surgeon without a website. After meeting at a holiday party, Dr. Mark was intrigued with not just a website, but also various laser-focused marketing methodologies that we could work collaboratively with him to bring to market. In our first 12 months, Dr. Mark likely has more online market research and discoveries than almost any professional in his field in the Boston area.

Lift And Care

With a strong presence and exclusive distribution rights for several of the best brands in their marketplace, Lift-and-Care Systems came to us looking for a pipeline full of best practice strategies to connect their marketing initiatives with their sales numbers.

In the first 6 months, they have never had more transparency, measurability, and predictability with what to expect from their Internet marketing endeavors each month.



With a thriving chiropractic and nutritional practice in Belmar, New Jersey, Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole wanted to get this “website thing” right once and for all. “This is the third website that we’re building, and we want a site that won’t have to be redone for quite some time,” said Dr. Nicole during her on-boarding call with the team at EMDL. To date, they get email subscribers weekly, phone and email inquiries daily, add compelling content often, and have accomplished all their preliminary goals with their new website.


NutFit is a personal training company that needed to upgrade the look and features of their website to support their rapid growth to 15+ trainers and 3 locations. Key features of the website include mobile-responsive design, easy login to class schedules for trainers/clients, and social plugins.


First, it was Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then it was better understanding ‘how to’ strategies for converting clients from their email list and blog that become the “pressing need” for Siri Bani Kaur of KYB. As for how we’ve helped their business: KYB has kept us on a monthly retainer for over two years because ALL thing sales and marketing have soared onward and upward. In fact, as of March 2014, they opened a new studio in Harvard Square (MA) that WOULD NOT have happened if they didn’t feel confident in their business’ ability to convert online and offline traffic to paying clients!


John Gosselin, co-founder of team, also has a passion for helping people looking to fight flab fast do just that with his top-shelf personal training services in the Boston area. In total transparency, the intention of this project was to test a few marketing methods. However, what came out of this was a bit more than expected – John generated $27,475 and counting in 18 months from a simple one page website.


Jeff was looking for a proven platform to showcase his rather impressive physical transformation from age 50 to 60. In short, not only has Jeff fought more than 75 lbs of fat from his body but he regularly has forms being filled out on his site and appointments being booked while he sleeps…Now that is what we call automating customer acquisition at

Finance / Financial Services:


This Hartford, Connecticut based company came across our marketing efforts after seeing an enticing ad on Google. Robert Edmiston, CEO of CCC was impressed with how the process at EMDL was radically different from any of the five marketing companies that he’s worked with in the past. As an avid believer in paid media marketing (i.e. Google Adwords), Robert consistently sees a 5 to 1 return with his monthly marketing initiatives, and considers our team partners in his business for life.


Brady, founder of Physician’s Revenue Management came across a video that John and his son, Zack, who was seven years old at the time, (our Chief Charitable Donor) did about what a website needs to have to convert visitors to buyers in today’s economy. Although Brady hired us initially just to do a website, he stayed on board for several months and now has become the beneficiary of acquiring the half a dozen more clients that he wanted to take on for a monthly retainer with his business.


With a pressing need to be more phone-friendly with their marketing campaigns, Affinity Mortgage came to us for website redesign services, inbound and outbound marketing support as well as a strong need to know “where they stand” with every marketing endeavor they employ.

Coaching / Personal Development:


After being referred to the team at EMDL, Laura Lyons has reached out several times to upgrade her web infrastructure. Laura, a business and mindset coach enjoys how friendly, courteous, reasonable and reliable we are as the backbone of all things for her business on the web.


Alex Bering is a sought after performance coach, Nero-Linguistic Training (NLP) practitioner, and solution pathfinder for people in all walks of life. However, like many people who own and operate small consulting services, Alex was lacking a website that was helping him enhance the “muscle” he needed to put behind his offline marketing efforts online.


After feeling confident about the favorable effects of the web design we did for, Alex Bering came back for more in this project. This website is a great template to use if your company does live trainings, professional workshops, high level coaching, and more!


After getting connected with us from a mutual client, Andy, an “elevator pitch” coach, wanted to sell his ‘home-study course’ online and turned to us to help him convert his visitors to sales. Since launching and testing several pages to house his product, Andy has not only made his money back and then some, but he has brought sent all kinds of referrals our way… the most inspiring “proof-positive” trust-mark that he’s a fan of our team.


Sharon has a wealth of experience in computer forensics. However, building an online infrastructure that appealed to senior-level executives so that they would hire her for her coaching expertise was not atop her list of innate skill sets, which is why she engaged our team. Today, Sharon is an acclaimed author, helps professionals in various industries find success in and beyond the board room, and often gets asked to speak and present at events and workshops because her web infrastructure seamlessly hand-holds her ideal clients to know exactly what they will get when they decide to work with her.


After meeting Donna at a women’s networking event, John often uses her story to explain how it’s VERY simple to convert an offline lead using your online infrastructure. After doing a “Discovery Session” after meeting, it was apparent that Donna was just a few ‘tweaks’ away from more effectively sharing her inspiring message. In fact, because of the confidence her website has provided, she now hosts a radio show, does all kinds of online and offline workshops, and illuminates her radiant essence like she never thought possible.

Outbound Page Templates:
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After experiencing less than ‘fruitful’ results using a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy which included search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and Google Adwords, Unique Surety turned to our team to help them to enhance their national outreach so they could find ‘right-angle’ clientele in the construction space, who wanted to save money on their bonds, get rapid response, and work with acclaimed experts in the surety-bonding process – especially with site improvement and site performance bonds.


With tight ties to the Billerica Little League, John and Zack Gosselin wanted to extend a helping hand with the program so they could ramp up results and trim time in an effort to serve as a catalyst with their six-figure capital campaign needs over the next four years. The outbound program has helped Billerica Little League reach thousands businesses who call Billera “home” so they could expedite their goal-getting process.


After experiencing record-breaking results with Earn More Do Less on their Google Adwords and inbound marketing efforts, Karl Ivester, President of New England Shutter Mills wanted to expand his outreach to the Cape Cod and Islands markets where his company has yet to be as big of a player as Karl knows is possible. Our outbound marketing program was the perfect fit – and to this day Karl is still leveraging this campaign. Monique’s


After three years of saturating the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing on nearly every relevant keyword and keyword phrase for their marketplace, Monique’s Bath Showroom wanted to do a targeted business-to-business (B2B) outreach program to further enhance their relationships with people in the design community and construction industry that would appreciate the high-tech and high-touch way Monique’s goes about building relationships with experts in the industries they serve clientele.


After struggling to figure out how to make the internet a lucrative investment for their company’s online marketing efforts, Well Spring Nurse Group turned to Earn More Do Less for advice about how to actualize higher conversion-rates (both with marketing and candidate placement) for their travel nurse recruiting agency.